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Surfin' Safari- Review

Surfin' Safari 5.5/10
By Javier Torres

Hi, thanks for reading this review. First of all this is the first review that I'm making and I wanted to start with the first Beach Boys album. The Beach Boys released Surfin' Safari on 1962 being the era of the new Surf Rock that was taking the world. After the succes on the single Surfin', the Boys decided to make their first album but it really failed on UK charts. The album only reached #32 on the Top 100 albums and didn't make into the UK charts. The album has great tunes that are classics to The Beach Boys fans such as Surfin' Safari, 409 and Summertime Blues. Also it has a great instrumental song called Moon Dawg that was the beginning to see that the Beach Boys was a strong instrumental band. Some other good songs include Head Wins, Tails I Lose and Little Girl (You're my Miss America) that was the first song to include Dennis Wilson as the Lead Vocals. I enjoyed this album because two things: It's the first BB's album and it was my Graduation Gift. Let's see the songs reviews:

  1. Surfin' Safari (B. Wilson/M. Love) ***** "Great Song"
  2. County Fair (B. Wilson/G. Susher) * "Totally waist of time"
  3. Ten Little Indians (B. Wilson/G. Usher) ** "Strange"
  4. Chug-A-Lung (B. Wilson/G. Usher/M. Love) ** "I disliked the lyrics"
  5. Little Girl (V. Catalano/H. Alpert) **** "Dennis makes it a worth of time"
  6. 409 (B. Wilson/ G. Usher/M. Love) ***** "Classic"
  7. Surfin' (B. Wilson/ M. Love) *** "It's the beginning of the Surf Era"
  8. Heads Wins- Tails I lose (B. Wilson/G. Usher) *** "It's fun to heard it"
  9. Summertime Blues (E. Cochran/J. Capeheart) **** "Great guitar"
  10. Cuckoo Clock (B. Wilson/G. Usher) ** "The chorus ruined the song"
  11. Moon Dawg (D. Weaver) **** "I Love instrumental"
  12. The Shift (B. Wilson/M. Love) *** "Good Song. It could be better"
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