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Surfin' USA- Review

Surfin' USA 7.5/10
By Javier Torres

After the reales of the single Surfin' USA/Shut Down single wich peaked #3 on the Billboard Hot 100, The Beach Boys were the #1 Surfin' band on US. Brian Wilson started to be more creative than in the first album. This album contains some great material that continues to be legendary for almost all the fans. Some great songs in this album includes Surfin' USA, Farmer's Daughter and Shut Down. To be honest, this should be considered the first album of the band. This one in difference of Surfin' Safari, it's more complete. The songs are better and in this case the album reached #2 in US for 78 weeks. This album is complete of Surf Rock songs. In my opinion this is the best Surf Rock album released in history. Let's see the songs reviews:

  1. Surfin' USA (B. Wilson/C. Berry) ***** "One of the BB's biggest hits"
  2. Farmer's Daughter (B. Wilson/M. Love) **** "One of Wilson/Love best songs"
  3. Misirlou (N. Roubanis/F. Wise/M. Leeds/B. Russell) **** "Great instrumental cover"
  4. Stoked (B. Wilson) ***** "The first and one of the best BB's Brian Wilson intrumental"
  5. Lonely Sea (B. Wilson/G. Usher) ** "The harmonies in this one are not so good"
  6. Shut Down (B. Wilson/R. Christian) **** "A BB's classic"
  7. Noble Surfer (B. Wilson/M. Love) *** "A good song that makes you SMiLE"
  8. Honky Tonk (B. Doggett/C. Scott/B. Butler/S. Sheperd/H. Glover) *** "Good Song"
  9. Surf Jam (C. Wilson) **** "The first and great Carl Wilson songwriting"
  10. Let's Go Trippin' (D. Dale) *** "Great Dick Dale cover"
  11. Finder's Keepers (B. Wilson/M. Love) *** "Great rip-off of Big Girls Don't Cry"
Other Reviews:
All Music- 4/5 stars[1]

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