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Mike Love- Catch A Wave

Catch a Wave 3/10
By Javier Torres

After listening to various Beach Boys and Brian Wilson albums, I wonder how Mike Love albums sounds like. Well the first one I picked was this one that was produced by Adrian Baker and you noticed his voice on the background vocals. The album is only of old Beach Boys songs covered by Mike and Adrian on the vocals and it begins with a great Catch a Wave cover. Then Do it Again it's another good cover. I get Around is a little bit good. Then a great California Girls cover. The rest of the album sounds terrible in my opinion, except for Hawaii that is the last attempt of a good cover. My final opinion is that what Mike Love was thinking while recording this album?
Let's see my song reviews:

  1. Catch a Wave- ***** "Great Cover"
  2. Do it Again- **** "Nice and soft"
  3. I get Around- ** "Bad cover, the drums are just too bad"
  4. California Girls- **** "Good!"
  5. Fun, Fun, Fun- * "-_-"
  6. Surfin' Safari- ** "They ruin one of the classic Beach Boys songs"
  7. Hawaii- **** "Good attempt to balance the album"
  8. Surfin' USA- ** "Isn't the worst but isn't good."
  9. Surfer Girl- * "The worst of the album, why Mike is singing Brian part?

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