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The Beach Boys-Summer in Paradise Review

By Javier Torres

The Beach Boys last studio album with some new material (before That's Why God Made The Radio 2012) came up with a little of good material but is not that bad. After listening a couple of times, I realize that if we analyze the album lyrics instead of music, I would rate this album 1/10 'cause I mean that is bad. When I mean bad is that is bad haha, the lyrics are terrible. Oh but what can you expect of an album with new lyrics written by Mike Love without Brian Wilson supervision? But anyway, skiping the no-Brian Wilson problem, the music is not that bad. The album begins with a cover song Hot Fun in the Summertime. Nice cover, very nice cover song. Then comes a cover from an original song Surfin' that was realized in their first album Surfin' Safari. Ok this cover is not bad. It would be better if this cover was only instrumental cause the guitars sounds cool, but Mike Love vocals kills it. Carl vocals make you feel more secure about it but is bad thanks to Mike. Then comes a sexual-lyrics song from the incredible Mike Love: Summer of Love. I hear this song when I'm bored and I don't feel like to hear some of the Beach Boys hit. What can I say? If the song is bad, just see the music video -_- The next song is as Mike Love said in the album Production Notes, the cousin of Kokomo!, Island Fever. I cannot cricticsize this song, I like it. Actually is my favorite pick from the album. I like it. Then a good song Still Surfin'. Slow Summer Dancin' (One Summer Night) is one the best songs on the album. It has excellent vocals by Bruce Johnston and Al Jardine. Mike Love hit down with the next song Strange Things Happens that is the perfect example of the good music bad lyrics on the album. The next two songs are very energetic and with great Carl Wilson vocals, Remember and Lahaina Aloha, a song that I consider the best of the album. A decent Mike Love song that makes it good just because Carl Wilson vocals again: Under the Boardwalk. Then comes the title song that sucks very hard. The worst lyrics on a Beach Boys songs ever is this one. I hate it. The Live version of it is great but the Album version sucks!!!!. The last song, a cover of them... again this time Forever one of the best Dennis Wilson songs covered by John Stamos? John is a great drummer, has good vocals but I don't know is strange to hear his vocals on a song like Forever. Any way the song isn't bad. The album in general is not that bad but you can't say either that is a great album. Is good but not great. Let's see the song reviews:
  1. Hot Fun in the Summertime- **** "One of the best late covers of the band"
  2. Surfin'- ** "It would be better instrumental cause Mike vocals kills this song"
  3. Summer of Love- ** "The song is worst than the bad music video"
  4. Island Fever- **** "Nice tropical song, actually Mike said that is the cousin of Kokomo"
  5. Still Surfin'- *** "The song is not bad, one of the best from the album"
  6. Slow Summer Dancing- ***** "If your a fan of Bruce and Al, this song is perfect"
  7. Strange things Happens- ** "Good music, bad lyrics"
  8. Remember- **** "Excellent vocals by Carl"
  9. Lahaina Aloha- ***** "The best song from the album"
  10. Under the Boardwalk- **** "This is a Mike Love song"
  11. Summer In Paradise- * "The worst song of the album"
  12. Forever- *** "Not bad but not even close to Dennis' version.
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All Music- 1/5 stars[2]

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  1. Under the Boradwalk is not a Mike Love song. It's a song written by Kenny Young and Arthur Resnick and recorded by The Drifters in 1964.