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The Beach Boys- Still Cruisin' Review

By Javier Torres

This is the easiest album to review cause there are only 7 songs that basically all are good. The only problem in this album is that the songs are not great except for Kokomo. The album was released in 1989 after some recent hits that the band in those years on the Billboard US top 100 Chart such as the #1 Kokomo, #12 Wipe Out #93 Still Cruisin'. But obviously the song that made that this album was an hit was Kokomo. Some people don't consider this an oficial Beach Boys Studio Album cause is more like a compilations of recent hits but also is one of the most successful late Beach Boys albums cause it went Gold in the US. Anyway, the album starts in a good way with the title song Still Cruisin' followed by the great Somewhere in Japan that is one of the best songs on the album. Al Jardine's Island Girl is next that is a Caribbean style song. Is not bad. Brian Wilson's In My Car was made for a car commercial. Is a good song that was Co-Written by Wilson, Dr. Landy and Alexandra Morgan. Then Kokomo starts and makes this album better and cool followed by a good Wipe Out cover ft. The Fat Boys. Finally the bad lyric, god music Make it Big. In overall this album is good. I didn't find a bad song on this one. Let's see a close look at my song reviews:
  1. Still Cruisin'- *** "Nice way to start the album"
  2. Somewhere Near Japan- **** "Great vocals by Bruce, Carl and Alan"
  3. Island Girl- *** "Makes me wanna play limbo"
  4. In My Car- *** "Great Rock song!!"
  5. Kokomo- ***** "An Instant Classic"
  6. Wipe Out- ** "The less good from the album"
  7. Make it Big- *** "Bad Lyric, Good Music"
Other Reviews:
All Music- 2/5 stars[1]
Rolling Stone- 1/5 stars[2]

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