jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Brian Wilson- In The Key of Disney


Ahhh Disney movies. You don't see a Disney movie with a bad soundtrack but this was different. Making cover songs is one of the special talents that Brian Wilson had. With The Beach Boys we heard famous covers like Barbara Ann that were better than the original and more famous. This album was different. There was a deal between Wilson and Disney to produce two albums. The first one was Reimagines Gershwin wich I will review later, and this one. This one was an album of cover of old Disney songs but with a Beach Boys sound. Yep that's what Disney expected to hear, a combination between Toy Story and The Beach Boys. But there's no magic in this album. A lot of Disney songs are famous for their unique sound that reminds you of your childhood and happy moments. This album have  The Beach Boys sound present but the harmonies sometimes sounds strange. The backup vocals aren't very good and Brian's vocals aren't perfect neither. In the song Can You Feel The Love Tonight? the song is ruined by unnecessary high backup vocals. The original is a beautiful song singed by Elton John for The Lion King movie. Anyway, this album worth the price is not that bad but don't expect to hear the best cover of Disney songs.

 Song Reviews:

  1. You Got A Friend in Me- ** "Everyone loves the original but this cover it's not so good" 
  2. The Bare Necessities- ** " o.0 " 
  3. Baby Mine- **** "Reminds me of those Beach Boys ballads like "In my Room"
  4. Kiss the Girl- ***** "My favorite of the album. This sounds more like BB's"
  5. Colors of the Wind- *** "Reminds me of the 70's Beach Boys songs"
  6. Can You Feel the Love Tonight- *** "A beautiful songs but the backup vocals are too high"
  7. We Belong Together- *** "Nice cover!"
  8. I Just Can't Wait to be King- **** "One of the best of the album"
  9. Stay Awake- *** "Beautiful Brian Wilson vocals" 
  10. Heigh-Ho/Yo Ho (a pirates life)- *** "Pretty Fun"
  11. When You Wish Upon A Star- ***** "Excellent track" 

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